Arabidopsis Seed Germination and Dormancy Expression Plots

Enter an Arabidopsis AGI code into the box below to see the RNA expression behaviour during seed germination.
This tool was developed and is maintained by Dr Simon Pearce, and is published in Frontiers in Plant Sciences as Dekkers et al (2016). Feedback or bug reports are welcome.
Each individual icon represents a single replicate of the microarray experiment, all of which are normalised together in order to be comparable across the dataset.
Log values less than 5 are in the noise region of the data, and should be treated as such.
Some example genes to try: EXPA2, DOG1, XTH25, SCPL44, XTR8, NCED2, GA2OX6.

Gene Name:

Cluster Number:

RadNet SeedNet
Genes whose expression patterns are highly correlated to this gene in the selected network, with their correlation coefficient.
Genes in bold are in the same cluster, so are within a highly connected group of genes.