Multi-netclust web server

Multi-netclust is an efficient tool to detect connected clusters in large biological networks represented by different data matrices. It uses user-defined threshold values to combine the matrices and to detect clusters connected in all or in either of the data networks using a simple, memory-efficient graph algorithm. The Multi-netclust web server allows one to combine up to five matrices; however, the command-line version of the program can handle, in principle, an arbitrary number of matrices. The program is fast and scalable: analyzing a network of more than 1 million nodes and 100 million edges takes only a few minutes on an ordinary computer. Multi-netclust is written in C/C++, and is freely available under the GNU GPL license for Unix (Linux, FreeBSD and OSX) and Windows platforms.
Download area: examples, netclust / Multi-netclust sources and binaries
Preprocessor settings
Add/remove input box
Matrix file 1
Alpha value Cutoff value
Matrix file 2
Alpha value Cutoff value
Matrix type Aggregation method
Cluster detection settings
Cutoff value
Output format: ONE ALL cluster member(s) per line
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