A Pipeline for Protein Composition Scanning
Parsing of Surface Protein Predictor Results

Update 21 Oct 2016: 6 079 690 non-redundant fungal proteins (9 825 613 in total) and 31 605 fungal taxa.

Executed 10291 runs since 1 Jan 2012.


This tool allows filtering of your FASTA protein input using the "Screening methods" below.
Screening parameters for a method become visible upon its selection.
If you are new to the external predictors, you can find links under "Output file parsing" below as well as under the info icon for Screening methods or the respective method section itself.

Available methods are:

An executable is available to split large FASTA files into several smaller ones.

Double clicking on a protein in the output page yields a pop-up window to produce an amino-acid composition graph.
ProFASTA output can be saved as text.

For information and example usage, see our article in Fungal Genetics and Biology.
For help, click info in the table below.

Screening methods:
 Direct screening  Output file parsing
Provide FASTA sequences:
Paste your input:
Or upload a file:
Or use FungiNR:
Taxonomy name:     :
Tax ID:
Text in description:
Line length of FASTA output:

This tool © by Bernd Brandt and Piet de Groot.
We thank Jack Leunissen, Laboratory of Bioinformatics, Wageningen University, for hosting this tool.

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