RONN for Multiple Alignments

RONN (Regional Order Neural Network) predicts protein disorder. This tool accepts protein alignments and visualises the RONN predictions for each protein in the alignment.

Paste or upload a multiple alignment in Clustal or FASTA format. All sequence identifiers should be unique.
If an alignment is both pasted and uploaded via the upload option, the latter is not used. It may take a while to complete all predictions.

* Large alignments may render very slowly in Internet Explorer. Firefox/Mozilla works fine. If you think rendering is too slow, use Firefox or do not use a colour scheme.

Paste your alignment (Clustal or FASTA format)
Or upload a file:
Use RONN predictions from: local version (v3.1) or RONN site @ (v3.2)
NOTE: The predictions may differ between the local version v3.1 and the web version v3.2 at STRUBI.
Colour of amino acids in alignment: background or font, using colour scheme
RONN predictions will be marked by a yellow background.

Please take a look at the RONN site

We thank Jack Leunissen, Bioinformatics, Wageningen University, for hosting this tool.

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