All eQTL patterns for a single trait
Cis-trans plot per experiment
Genes peaking at a locus
Correlated QTL patterns


  • How can I add studies to WormQTL 2?
    Send an email to
  • Does WormQTL 2 work in all browsers?
    In principle it should work on all browsers that support Javascript. We do recommend using Firefox, since WormQTL 2 was extensively tested with that browser.
  • What are the error and interval size of the eQTLs?
    The maps are linked by the physical position of the markers. The exact marker positions can be downloaded from the website. If the confidence intervals (for instance of 2-LOD) of two eQTLs overlap it is likely the same eQTL, especially in the case of cis-eQTLs.