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AraQTL is a web-based workbench and database for expression quantitative trait locus (eQTL) investigation. Its aim is to support the Arabidopsis thaliana community to use eQTL data in their research.
Created by Harm Nijveen, Mark Sterken & Basten Snoek.

Wageningen University Bioinformatics Group, Laboratory of Nematology & Wageningen Seed Lab

With collaborators:
Wilco Ligterink, Jiao Long, Joost Keurentjes, Henk Hilhorst, Jan Kammenga, Oliver Loudet, Pjotr Prins, Mark Sterken & Dick de Ridder

Using cistrans code by Karl Broman
A paper describing AraQTL is published in the Plant Journal:
AraQTL - Workbench and Archive for systems genetics in Arabidopsis thaliana